Je suis arrivé dans Provence!

Safely and soundly at that. No casualties, no lost documents, and no pickpockets, only a few lost pieces of luggage. Provence is amazing, Lacoste specifically. All the towns are on the mountain sides (which we are surrounded by) and the pastures and vineyards lay out before us in the valley. My view from the room is gorgeous. The sunrise this morning began my day perfectly.
I'll start from the beginning though. From Detroit I flew to Charlotte NC, to Frankfurt, Germany, and finally arrived in Marseilles, France where I waited with several others for about 6 hours for our bus to arrive, pack up and leave. The road to Lacoste was beautiful, I dozed for the most part, but what I saw I loved. We winded through the fields and hills, and arrived in a valley full of wildflowers, small homes, and three white chateaus overlooking us. One of them Lacoste. We took it easy for the day: some went to nap, some lounged in the local cafes, and others went hiking through the small footpaths surrounding the chateau. I found so many beautiful spots, each one either overlooking the valley and the opposing town of Bonnieux or looking down into the winding streets of the town. Where ever we went we were welcomed with open arms and smiling faces.
A view down Rue du Four.
The stairs to my dorm are on the left, not quite visible.
The terrace above my dorm.
We share this with Olivier upper, Mercier Upper and Lower.
The front door, on the right.
The other is a separate sitting rom.
And my view from my window.
A picture of the sunrise is soon to follow.

After finding some nice spots to chill, we all headed to dinner where they served a comfortable heaping of lasagna, salad, yogurt, vegetables, and coffee. We stuffed ourselves and continued to the Cafe du Sade for several glasses of wine and beer. Affligem is a delicious beer to try! Even after all this, most of us retired around 9:30. The others continued to the Cafe du France and enjoyed the rest of the cool summer night.

This morning everyone woke at about 7am with the aid of Jetlag. Nice and cool, we made our way to breakfast (cereal, fruit, bread, yogurt, and coffee). We loaded on a bus and drove about 20 minutes to Apt, a larger town with more a bustling business area. Saturdays are Market days, so hundreds of people pushed their way through the tiny alleys, trying not to trip over stalls of cheese and meat, lavender soap, and handmade clothes. They let us free and we explored every inch of the market. I cannot wait to go back. That's where our supermarket and basic supplies are sold, so we'll make a weekly trip if we aren't on field trips. After an hour and a half of wandering, we loaded back on the bus and continued to the Pont du Julien for a French Picnic of baguette sandwichs, fruit, and potato chips (not completely French, but hey). We all sat under the bridge, dipping our feet in the water, and later jumping from rock to rock.
Although we lost some girls in Apt, we were able to find them later and all head back to Lacoste for a midday siesta (at least I did), met for some coffee and explored some more secret streets.

Update and upload soon! Time for dinner!

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