Mid-quarter review

In need of an update: This quarter has been going quite well. I have Advanced Fibers I, Villa and Gardens, and Introduction to Printmaking. Most of my time and effort has been going into Printmaking because of the time and effort that is needed to complete each assignment. Fibers is always on my mind, however it is nice to get my hands dirty with other areas of art.
Our first project was working with relief prints, i.e. Woodblocks and Linoleum prints. I chose to work with wood, and based my ideas off of a fun weekend with my friend Nick, and the various items that can be found in my kitchen.

The Press I have been working on. The Text plate is on the press.

Working on my edition, or the finals prints which are numbered and therefore part of a collection.

The plate inked up.

Part 1 of 2, on print 1/5

Part 1 of 2, on print 2/5

All together I had an edition of 5 prints, each print with 2 layers.
Edition Post later.