Paris thus far.

I apologize in advance, but for this post I'm going to tell you about what happened in getting to Paris and allow you to follow the link to Picasa for my photos.

So Monday morning we packed up and got everything ready to go to Avignon to catch our train to Paris. And it poured. Raining for the second day and we had to carry our bags/backpacks down the hill to the bus to ride for an hour to Avignon. Nice and easy no complications. The train station was more modern with the platform above everything. Very nice and clean. We took the train, which was 3.5 hours, and ended in the Gare de Lyon and walked 35 minutes to our Hotel, the Hotel Home Latin. We're in the 5th Arrondisement, the latin quarter, a huge college student area. Notre Dame is north of us, and the Eiffel tower is to the northwest. Pretty much in the middle of everything.
We got in safe and sound, no mishaps. So we went exploring around Rue de Saint Germain, a main boulevard in the area and found ourselves at the St. Severin, an area where mom and I had dinner on several occasions.

A beautiful night to a long day.

Yesterday, I didn't have any previous engagements to Carly, Bridget and I went straight for the 20th arrondissement where Pere Lachaise cemetery is. Quite a few famous people are buried here, including Oscar Wilde! We found his grave and gave it the traditional gesture of respect, a kiss! Kisses or rather lipstick, covered the grave with various words of thanks and quotes. I think Oscar Wilde would have appreciated it all.
Beautiful cemetery, and HUGE!! We walked in there for an hour, it was like walking in a neighborhood with all the family graves. Awesome place!
Afterwards, shopping of course!! We walked through the 19th, 11th and 7th arrondissement shopping and meeting all kinds of people.

We met up with our printmaking classes and went to the BNF the Bibliotheque de Nationale France. Years and years of prints and photos are kept at the building from all kinds of artists. We saw Rembrandt, Goya, Durer, and other French artists. Absolutely amazing. Prints that are 500 to 300 years old placed right before our eyes, no glass or panels. Absolutely amazing.

Once we finished there, more shopping and walking, so much walking. Once we got back to the hotel, we went back to the hotel changed into our finds and went out to the Long Hop, a local college bar and had a nice easy going night. Got back late, slept, and woke up bright and early for Museums this morning.

First the Louvre and then the Musee d'Orsay. Both amazing and inspiring. The Louvre used to be a Palace while the d'Orsay was built for the World Fair in 1900, and was later used as a train station. During WWII, it was a Post sorting center. In 1989, they renovated it to the current museum. Long day but great.

Walking, walking, walking. Had a tasty gyro for dinner and am now updating. Soon, we'll head back to the Long Hop, walk around and buy a few postcards and other nifty things.

Bonn nuit!
Check Picasa for photos!