Summer Vacation

Back in the Mitten and so excited and pumped to start working. I have big plans this summer, and already they growing into beautiful possibilities.
I have continued working on my portfolio and will be submitting it to several companies. Hopefully this will open up internships next spring, because I'll be done early!!!
Next, I'm job hunting so I can save up for France this fall, and of course Italy, Spain, and Morocco this winter. Not only am I looking for jobs, I'm trying to make my own job. I'm starting on several projects to start selling to different stores around my hometown. Business should be blooming soon.

In my spare time knitting, friends, and reading have been taking precedence. I have started a sweater vest, caught up numerous friends, and have already finished one book and onto the next.

Several letters have been written, and I hope al who get them enjoy them immensely, because I immensely enjoyed writing them.

Till the next update (with photos!)

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