Bonnieux et Lacoste

Sunrise from my window

Update from yesterday and today. Both days have been heavily ladened with exploring. Yesterday, once we were finished with orientation, a group of us went down the beaten path to Bonnieux. We followed the previous trails, but eventually ended up taking the backwards way around the hill to the village. Best thing to do. We walked through the woods, through fruitful vineyards and cherry, pear, and olive orchards, along old stone walls, and right through the locals' backyards.
View of the valley from Bonnieux
The Ruins

Once we arrived in Bonnieux, we went our separate ways and went to explore the shops, restaurants, the churches, and the castle on top. While Jesse and I wandered we found some beautiful ruins behind a big wooden door. Staircases only went halfway up a wall, vegetation grew over old walls, and the stone ceilings were slowly crumbling. It was amazing. Walking back was much faster, 1) we took a different way, and 2) we had Lacoste in sight. The two villages are across from each other in the Luberone valley, so either way you must walk down, across, and back up. Beautiful day and sleep filled night.

Today was the first day of classes: Treasures of Provence 9am, or 3am for you back home. WE all sat around an board room style classroom, in a medieval building of course though, and discussed class objectives and the amazing place we'll be traveling to. It's going to be hard to get work done on these 85 degree days with blue skies, I already have a sunburn!
After class and lunch, I ran off down the road and went looking for another way to Bonnieux, instead I found several ponds with creeks running to them, Figs trees (which were perfectly ripe) and grasshoppers jumping everywhere. Unfortunately, it isn't the season for Lavender, however there are small gardens with rows of them. you can smell them a mile away. however you have to differentiate the smells form the dirt, grapes, water, figs, and the cleanest air.

One of the creeks I found that may lead to a potential swimming hole!
An old tractor in a Cherry Orchard

Exploring caught up to me this afternoon, and I took a 3 hour nap. After, everyone (including the locals) went to the Cafe du France to meet for a performance piece. It was about an hour and a half, and took us around the village, unfortunately it was in French, but it was a humorous dance about the Marquis de Sade and his victims.
Tomorrow is another day of class: Working Class Studio:Printmaking 1pm-4pm (7am-11am)
So I plan on getting up early to start working on homework and sketch.

Bon Nuit!

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