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Been a busy busy busy bee here, and only the first week. To continue from my last post, which was about Bonnieux, I have now made 2.5 trips to there and am feeling it today. It has rained in Lacoste, so everything is very slippery and tricky.

To recap:
I had my classes this week, Treasures of Provence and Working Class Studio: Printmaking. First of all, for Treasures we began the second class with a Field trip to Casaneuve, "New House" a village on the other side of Apt, so pretty much through a valley over a mountain through a valley to the next mountain. It's a famous city from the Plague because only 2 people died during the entire time. Anyway, we went there for art of course. We met with Jean-pierre Soalhat, whose wife Helene is our connection with everything and everyone French, meaning she'll arrange trips for us and make sure we get everywhere as easily as possible. Jean-pierre is a Mosaicist (just for you mom) and makes beautiful tables, walls, floor inlays, etc. for people internationally.
Jean-pierre's studio space. Check out his website for more images or Picasa.

After showing us his studio, he gave us a tour of the town and then took us to his small, but gorgeous home, feeding us chocolate croissants, coffee and French Milky Ways. He showed us the ancient Roman coins and artifacts he has found just by walking around the area and all the other amazing things he has collected. He was a spectacular host and a wonderful artist.

The entrance to his home, which has a terrace that looked out to the valley.
(Marissa heading in.)

Once we got back, we again headed for Bonniuex, making dure to take the correct way. Helene (one of my roommates and fellow fibers gal), Alexa and Marissa headed out fully geared up for the trek.
Marissa had to take the picture, but here we are in the Bear cave on the way to Bonnieux.

Up next is Menerbes,only about 10 miles round trip. All of these villages are in the Luberone Valley, and on the map draw lines between Menerbes and Apt, then Gordes and Bonnieux and you have Lacoste at the cross.

I've posted all of the images on my Picasa Account so feel free to check them out whenever.

Bonne Nuit y'all, time for bed here. (View from MY terrace!)

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