Winter quarter update

First, an update with my glass molding. In this class, we're using billets of glass which are small slabs of 3-4 pounds of glass and fitting them into plaster molds of various forms we make. The pictures below are from the first project. We needed to utilize texture and light to create interesting perspectives throughout the piece. Instead of making a physical texture, I wanted to make use of a visual texture.
The glass is called a tint, where as it becomes denser, the color will change. This one is Rhubarb tint, and changed from a lite blue to a darker amber color. It looks green in these photos.
This would be a 'back view'. This was polished after about 15-20 hours of grinding and polishing.
'Front view'. This was the bottom of the original clay model. I was lucky to get the natural polished surface of the melted glass, and only needed to grind the edges.
'Side view' I guess. This was the ground texture of the glass, done with a dremmel and belt sander.

And a final angle.

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