Now it's time for Screen printing. I spent a long time last night working on these yardages.
This was my work space for about 8 hours last night.
These padded tables are meant to maintain a suction between the screens and the fabric so it makes a clean, accurate print of the image.
It's kind of hard to explain the process of preparing my screen and exposing my image onto it without an example. So, sometime later : )

These are some of the practice prints I made on muslin. We do these to make our registration (alignment) of our patterns are correct. Mine wasn't, so I did it by eye, which ended up working to my advantage.
One yardage: BEFORE
One Yardage: AFTER
I decided it was too boring after printing two color ways (below), so I added the green rectangles. I messed up in one spot, but that's the beauty of screen printing: it really is handmade and one-of-a-kind because of the mistakes you find here and there.
The first two color ways I did. Black on White, and Mauve on Mint.

I plan on making these into skirts or shirts of some kind. Maybe in time for Critique??

More later...

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